Caldwell Shooting Supplies

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Welcome, sports enthusiasts! Are you looking for the ultimate range of shooting supplies to enhance your target practice experience? Look no further than Caldwell Shooting Supplies. In this comprehensive article, we will introduce you to the finest lineup of shooting products that promise to elevate your game to new heights. From exceptional ammunition to rugged outdoor equipment, we’ve got you covered. Join us as we embark on a thrilling journey to discover what Caldwell Shooting Supplies has in store for you.

The Top 19 Best Caldwell Shooting Supplies

  1. Portable Rimfire Resetting Target for Shooting Practice — Experience the thrill of shooting with the Caldwell Rimfire Resetting Target, a portable, heavy-duty steel resetting target designed for rimfire and handgun models.
  2. Premium High-Speed Rifle Chronograph for Enhanced Shooting Accuracy — The Caldwell Ballistic Precision Chronograph is a durable rifle chronograph, boasting a high accuracy of +/- .25% thanks to a high-speed 48 MHz processor, advanced data interface, and user-friendly LCD screen for easy operation.
  3. Versatile Caldwell Brass Catcher for Range Use — The Caldwell Brass Trap eliminates the hassle of picking up brass in any shooting environment by effectively capturing rifle and pistol brass, making it an essential range accessory.
  4. Precision Caldwell Tripod Shooting Bench — Caldwell’s Stable Table is a versatile, durable, and value-priced shooting bench ideal for varmint hunting, with quick and easy tabletop adjustments, sturdy construction, and included cleaning forks.
  5. All-Weather Target Stand with Storage Container — The Caldwell Ultimate Target Stand offers ease of use, versatility, and reliability for a complete shooting experience, making it the perfect pistol target stand for backyard practice.
  6. Caldwell DeadShot Front Shooting Bag — Versatile and Durable Shooting Supplies — The Caldwell Deadshot Front Filled Shooting Bag offers a versatile and convenient shooting solution, perfect for any hunting or shooting enthusiast with its durable, water-resistant construction and easy-to-set-up features.
  7. Portable, Collapsible Multi-Weather Shooting Table — The Caldwell Stable Table Lite is a highly versatile and portable shooting table, ideal for range use, with a lightweight design, easy transport, and all-weather construction.
  8. Versatile Deadshot Shooting Bag for Improved Accuracy — Experience unbeatable accuracy and convenience with the water-resistant, easy-to-transport Caldwell Deadshot Benchrest Rear and Fort Unfilled Shooting Bags.
  9. Caldwell Deadshot Tactical Combo Shooting Bag Set for Large and Small Firearms — Caldwell AR Tactical Deadshot Combo Filled: A versatile, durable, and convenient shooting solution for tactical-style rifles, now available filled and ready for the range.
  10. Versatile DeadShot Combo Shooting Bags for Hunting and Shooting — Caldwell Deadshot Combo Bag-Filled: Versatile and stable shooting accessories made of durable, water-resistant 600 Denier polyester for quick setup, perfect for hunters and shooters seeking top-notch performance in any setting.
  11. Caldwell Rock Shooting Rest & Rear Bag Combo — Precision & Accuracy for Bench Rest Shooting — Improve your shooting accuracy and group with the Caldwell Rock Shooting Rest Combo, featuring a wide and stable footprint, smooth elevation adjustments, and a versatile fore-end cradle for all Caldwell Deluxe Universal Front Rest Bags.
  12. Comfortable Shooting Gloves for Enhanced Grip and Recoil Reduction — Experience the ultimate comfort and protecton with Caldwell Ultimate Shooting Gloves, designed for dexterity, touch screen operation and breathability.
  13. Innovative Spring-Loaded Caldwell Matrix Shooting Rest — The Caldwell Matrix Shooting Rest offers unprecedented precision and adaptability, making it the perfect choice for expert marksmen and aspiring enthusiasts alike.
  14. Caldwell Shooting Supplies: Stable Table Carry Bag for Portable Convenience — Caldwell Stable Table Carry Bag — Convenient, heavy-duty, and designed for the most discerning shooters, this carry bag ensures a stable, comfortable, and secure storage solution for your shooting gear at the range.
  15. Electronic Hearing Protection for Shooters: Caldwell E-Max Earmuffs — Protect your hearing with the Caldwell E-Max Electronic Earmuffs, featuring adjustable volume control and advanced noise reduction technology for a comfortable and reliable shooting experience.
  16. Caldwell E-Max Low Profile Electronic Hearing Protection for Action Shooters — Caldwell’s E-Max Low Profile Electronic Earmuffs offer advanced noise reduction technology, true stereo sound, and easy-to-use volume control for unparalleled hearing protection during shotgun and action shooting.
  17. Caldwell E-Max Lo Pro Electronic Muff with Shooting Glasses: Advanced Noise Reduction for Improved Hearing Protection — Enhance your shooting experience with Caldwell E-Max Lo Pro Electronic Muffs, offering adjustable shooting glasses for comfort, noise-cancelling technology for clear sounds, and an integrated audio input jack for your music preferences.
  18. Caldwell Hunting Blind Bag — Comfortable and Durable Rifle Rest solution — The Caldwell Hunting Blind Bag provides a versatile and stable rifle rest solution for various hunting situations, with a trim, lightweight, and easily fillable design that blends seamlessly with your natural surroundings.
  19. Caldwell’s Compact & Durable Steel Target Stand with XL Strap Hanger — The Caldwell Steel Target Stand with XL Strap Plate Hanger offers uninterrupted cheek weld, impressive noise reduction, a comfortable padded headband, and a convenient collapsible design for hassle-free target practice.


Portable Rimfire Resetting Target for Shooting Practice


The Caldwell Rimfire Resetting Target has become my go-to companion for target practice and fun days at the range. The heavy-duty steel construction provides a sturdy and enduring solution, making it a reliable addition to my shooting gear. The steel targets, reinforced with zip ties, work well for rimfire and handgun models, offering a satisfying “ping” when hit.

However, I’ve also encountered a few challenges while using this target. One issue is that the lower targets don’t reset quite as intended. They tend to move side-to-side or get stuck in the reset position. I’ve had success modifying it by welding the targets to a smaller tube, which has helped to reduce the side-to-side movement. Additionally, I’ve found that the white spray paint works better than the paper targets that come with the product, as they tend to deform after several shots.

Overall, the Caldwell Rimfire Resetting Target offers an interactive and enjoyable shooting experience. With some modifications and care, it can provide hours of fun for target practice or casual plinking.

Premium High-Speed Rifle Chronograph for Enhanced Shooting Accuracy


I recently tried out the Caldwell Ballistic Precision Chronograph, and I have to say, I was quite impressed. The accuracy of the velocity measurements across different shooting conditions was truly remarkable, thanks to the high-speed 48 MHz processor and advanced circuit design. The large built-in LCD screen made it easy to operate and display the velocity in either Feet per second or Meters per second.

One aspect of the product that stood out to me was the adjustable tripod height, which allowed me to find the perfect viewing angle. However, I found the built-in infrared sky-screen feature to be less useful, as it hasn’t been necessary for my shooting needs yet.

One minor drawback I encountered was the occasional issue with the shot string velocity data delivery through the audio jack cable to a smartphone or mobile device. Additionally, I struggled to find relevant customer support from the company, as my attempts to contact them were met with numerous disconnections and unhelpful responses.

Overall, despite the occasional hiccups with customer support and the infrared sky-screen feature, I found the Caldwell Ballistic Precision Chronograph to be a reliable and accurate tool for measuring shooting velocities. I would definitely recommend it to others looking for a quality chronograph at an affordable price point.

Versatile Caldwell Brass Catcher for Range Use


As a fellow enthusiast, I recently had the pleasure of trying out the Caldwell Brass Trap. It was a game changer at the shooting range, allowing me to catch brass more efficiently than ever before.

The most impressive feature of the Brass Trap was its versatility. It can be easily set up on a benchtop or attached to a tripod with a 1/4–20 male threaded stud, giving me the flexibility to use it with both rifles and pistols. This made it a perfect companion for all my firearms.

One of the standout aspects of the Brass Trap was its heat-resistant mesh. I could confidently position it near my guns without worrying about any damage, and it effectively caught the spent brass with ease.

Additionally, the durable bag and carry bag were thoughtfully designed to make the entire process of setting up and emptying the trap effortless. The zippered bottom allowed for easy access, while the collapsible and foldable nature allowed it to be conveniently stored when not in use.

While using the Caldwell Brass Trap, I noticed that it required a solid tripod to secure it in place, especially when dealing with the recoil from some of my pistols. A small issue I encountered was with the mesh, as it sometimes seemed a bit too loose to catch all the brass. However, this issue was easily resolved by adjusting the positioning of the trap.

Overall, the Caldwell Brass Trap proved to be a valuable addition to my shooting range setup. Its ease of use, durability, and effectiveness in catching brass made it a worthy investment for any enthusiast looking to streamline their shooting experience.

Precision Caldwell Tripod Shooting Bench


I recently had the opportunity to try out the Caldwell Stable Table, and I have to say, it exceeded my expectations! The first feature that caught my attention was the bolt in the base, which allows you to easily adjust the position of the single leg and level the tabletop so it remains parallel with the horizon. What a game-changer for accuracy while shooting!

The central shaft, seat, and tabletop pivoting around a center axis as a single unit was another fantastic aspect. It really comes in handy when you want to make shots at different angles, especially for varmint hunting. I found it incredibly easy to lock the bench into a single shooting position, making it ideal for those precision shots.

Of course, the tabletop made from molded plastic with a rigid metal under-frame was a standout feature as well. It’s sturdy, yet lightweight enough for easy transport. I particularly enjoyed the custom-designed cleaning forks that snap into position in the top and hold the gun securely for cleaning.

However, there were a couple of downsides I encountered. The weight of the table, while contributing to its stability, also made it less than ideal for portability. I might have considered a lighter version for my needs. Additionally, while the seat is adjustable, it could have used a bit more padding — a minor drawback considering the overall quality of the product.

Overall, the Caldwell Stable Table truly lived up to its name. Its versatility and stability make it a top-notch choice for shooting enthusiasts, and with just a few tweaks here and there, it could be even more fantastic to use.

All-Weather Target Stand with Storage Container


I recently had the chance to try out the “Ultimate Target Stand” by Caldwell. It’s designed to be user-friendly and easy to set up, making it perfect for practicing at home. One of the standout features was its versatility — the stand can be used for both standard shooting and with additional modifications, creating a shooting top with a 2x4 and the included carry handles. This makes it a unique and practical choice for any shooter.

In addition to its versatility, the stand is also reliable. It features a stabilizer that provides extra support in the front and back to prevent tipping, which is essential when shooting at long distances. Another feature I appreciated is the large spacing between the frame arms, which held the target securely in place. The stand also comes with a removable ground stabilizer to add support from the wind during use, which conveniently stows onto the feet.

While the Ultimate Target Stand has many positive aspects, there were a couple of downsides too. The main con I encountered was the construction material. Although it’s marketed as all-weather and moisture resistant, it didn’t seem to hold up well against the elements in my climate. The frame also seemed to be made of a cheaper material than I expected. Despite being lightweight and easy to assemble, it just didn’t seem as sturdy or durable as I hoped.

Overall, the Ultimate Target Stand is a decent choice for an entry-level or intermediate target stand for backyard shooting. While it may need some tweaks and fixes to make it more durable, it does offer a unique design and versatility that can be useful for shooters looking for a reliable option for at-home practice.

Caldwell DeadShot Front Shooting Bag — Versatile and Durable Shooting Supplies


Imagine a day out at the range, and you’ve brought along the Caldwell Deadshot Front Filled Shooting Bag. The first thing you notice is how easy it is to use, the bag comes filled with corn cob media, allowing for an immediate setup and use. You place it on the ground, and the bag is able to hold its shape no matter what surface it’s on, making it extremely versatile.

As you set up your rifle, you appreciate the convenience of the Quick-Connect System. It makes transporting your filled bag a breeze, and the fact that it’s made of 600 Denier polyester means it’s water resistant and durable. The weight of the bag is just right, providing a steady and stable shooting rest, even on the most challenging targets.

However, there’s one area where the product could be improved. After a few range visits, the stitching starts to come apart, and you notice some sand coming through the holes. While it doesn’t affect the shooting performance, it’s disappointing considering the brand name and the price.

Overall, the Caldwell Deadshot Front Filled Shooting Bag is a great investment for any shooter looking for a versatile and reliable rest. It’s easy to use and provides a steady platform for your rifle. Despite the minor issue with the stitching, the pros far outweigh the cons, making it a worthwhile addition to your range gear.

Portable, Collapsible Multi-Weather Shooting Table


As someone who enjoys heading out to the range, I was thrilled to try out the Caldwell Stable Table Lite. Compact, lightweight, and easy to transport, I couldn’t have asked for more in a shooting table.

Setting up this table was a breeze, with a rotating seat that allowed for quick and easy adjustments. As someone who appreciates comfort while shooting, I found this feature particularly helpful.

One downside I encountered was the lack of grip on the seat. This made it a bit challenging for shorter or taller individuals to find the perfect height. However, this was a small inconvenience compared to the overall functionality and convenience of the table.

I also appreciated the all-weather tabletop and seat, ensuring that my table would be protected against the elements. While I didn’t need to shoot over 250 pounds, it was reassuring to know that this table could easily support that amount of weight.

Overall, the Caldwell Stable Table Lite lived up to its name. It provided stability and functionality while remaining portable and lightweight, making it a perfect addition to any range bag. Despite the small inconveniences, the pros far outweighed the cons, and I would give this table a solid recommendation to fellow shooters.

Versatile Deadshot Shooting Bag for Improved Accuracy


I recently had the opportunity to try out the Caldwell Deadshot Benchrest Bag Set — Front and Rear Unfilled. As a hunter and shooter, I’m always on the lookout for a versatile and steady shooting system that I can set up almost anywhere and at any time. This product caught my attention with its solid support for improved accuracy during shooting sessions and its easy-to-transport and set up features for convenience on the go.

One of the highlights of this product is its water-resistant and durable construction, which ensures long-lasting use. The front shooting bag is the industry’s largest, weighing approximately 8lbs, and the quick-connect feature makes bag transport easy. The dimensions of the front and rear bags are also ideal for a comfortable and stable shooting experience.

However, one thing that stood out negatively is that the product comes unfilled, which can be inconvenient for users who may not be aware of this. Additionally, the size of the rear bag, while suitable for some rifles, might not be sufficient for those with heavier recoil.

Overall, I’ve had a great experience using the Caldwell Deadshot Benchrest Bag Set — Front and Rear Unfilled. It’s a versatile and durable shooting system that provides excellent support for improved accuracy, and it’s easy to transport and set up for convenience on the go. While there are a few things that could be improved, such as filling the bags or providing clearer information about their unfilled status, I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a high-quality and functional shooting system.

Caldwell Deadshot Tactical Combo Shooting Bag Set for Large and Small Firearms


My day at the range went from ordinary to extraordinary when I tried out the Caldwell DeadShot Tactical Bag Set. The first thing that caught my eye was the dual configuration rear bag, designed for both fixed and collapsible stocks. This made shooting my bolt action rifle a breeze, as I simply shifted the rear bag to fit my setup easily.

One feature that truly stood out was the front bag’s height, perfect for accommodating 30-round magazines. No more fumbling or frustration trying to fit my rifle in an uncomfortable position — the Caldwell bag fit like a glove.

The heavy-duty ballistic nylon fabric assured me that this kit was built to withstand the test of time. I appreciated the extra durability, especially after taking it to the range for multiple sessions. The bags didn’t show any signs of wear, even after countless shots.

However, there was a downside: the rear bag got in my way during shooting. It interfered with my ability to adjust my position properly, which could be an annoyance for some shooters. But overall, the convenience the front bag provided made up for it.

The Caldwell DeadShot Tactical Bag Set is a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to enhance their shooting experience. It may not be perfect, but it certainly adds an element of comfort and precision to your time at the range.

Versatile DeadShot Combo Shooting Bags for Hunting and Shooting


As a passionate shooter, I’ve always been on the lookout for a versatile and sturdy shooting system that can withstand various surfaces and weather conditions. The Caldwell Deadshot Combo Bag-Filled exceeded my expectations in every aspect.

First and foremost, the bags are incredibly easy to set up, even with minimal space and time on my hands. The quick-connect feature allows for quick transitions between different targets, making it perfect for those last-minute shots. The durable, water-resistant 600 Denier polyester further ensured that my equipment remained protected and stable, even under challenging circumstances.

However, I did encounter a minor issue with the waterproofing of the inner rubberized lining. As the reviewer mentioned, if the bags get wet, the corn cob media can absorb water and swell up, making the bags hard as a rock. This issue has the potential to impact the overall functionality and lifespan of the product.

Nevertheless, the Caldwell Deadshot Combo Bag-Filled proved to be a valuable addition to my shooting accessories, offering the much-needed versatility and stability that I’ve always desired. With its high-quality material and thoughtful design, it’s no wonder that it has gained such a positive reputation among enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Caldwell Rock Shooting Rest & Rear Bag Combo — Precision & Accuracy for Bench Rest Shooting


The Caldwell Rock Shooting Rest & Rear Bag Combo has been a game-changer for my hunting and shooting experience. The solid foundation of the shooting rest combined with the adjustability of the fore-end cradle provides an unmatched level of accuracy. I’ve had the chance to use it with different firearms, and the rear bag always stays perfectly in position, making it much easier to get a consistent shot.

One of the features that stood out to me is the footprint dispersion. The wide base ensures stability and a firm grip on the ground, regardless of the shooting surface. The steel ram for elevation adjustments also deserves a mention. It’s smooth, quick, and works perfectly every time. However, it’s not without its issues. The ram lock key, while useful, can be quite problematic. It’s tricky to keep it in place, and at times, it even falls off while making adjustments.

As for the overall build quality, it’s definitely sturdy and well-crafted, which makes it quite heavy. But once you manage to assemble and set it up, it’s a piece of cake to use. The adjustable legs and the fixed front rest make it a versatile component in any shooting set-up, even if it requires some extra effort to move around.

Despite the little quirks and the weight, the Caldwell Rock Shooting Rest & Rear Bag Combo is an impressive investment for anyone who wants to improve their shooting accuracy. The stability, adjustability, and the smooth operation make this combo a standout choice, and I’m glad I found it.

Comfortable Shooting Gloves for Enhanced Grip and Recoil Reduction


With the Caldwell Ultimate Shooting Gloves, my handheld experiences at the range evolved into a smoother, more pleasant venture. As a shooter accustomed to spending long days at the firing line, the padded gloved hands proved to be a blessing. The touch-sensitive fingertips allowed me to maintain an unwavering connection with my weapons, from adjustments to the scopes to the meticulous handling of magazines.

One key feature that stood out was the customized padding layout, ensuring that the gloves offered full range of motion without compromising the grip. An additional bonus was the lightweight and breathable polyester-spandex material that easily melted into the background, making the gloves fit like a second skin.

However, the touch screen sensitivity of the fingertips could have been improved to deliver effortless digital interfacing alongside the on-duty activities. While the gloves were a perfect fit, I did encounter some resistance in operating range target push screens.

On the flip side, the gloves performed admirably in all scenarios when I wasn’t juggling screens. They offered a comfortable level of protection against slide bite and felt recoil from heavy-hitting handguns, while maintaining the shooter’s dexterity.

The leather reinforcement patch and padded palm features provided a sturdy, yet flexible material, facilitating accurate and secure manipulation of the weapons. As a plus, the gloves were also suitable for touch screen operations on mobile phones, making them convenient to use both on and off the range.

In conclusion, the Caldwell Ultimate Shooting Gloves offer an invigorating take on the shooting glove experience, combining high functionality with comfort. While the gloves have their minor drawbacks, they’re a solid choice for any shooter looking to enhance their performance and comfort during long range sessions.

Innovative Spring-Loaded Caldwell Matrix Shooting Rest


As a seasoned shooter, I recently had the opportunity to try out the Caldwell Matrix Shooting Rest during a range session. This rest has proven to be a game-changer for me, offering not only stability but also convenience, all in a lightweight package.

Some notable highlights that stood out to me were the innovative spring-loaded elevation system that allows for simple, one-handed adjustments without any wobble. The open central channel is incredibly useful, as it accommodates a wide range of detachable magazines and my favorite lever action guns. Additionally, the handgun base detachable lid provides a handy storage compartment, further enhancing the overall quality of the product.

However, my experience wasn’t without its minor challenges. The front grip appeared to be slightly wider than what I was used to, which occasionally made it difficult to hold onto my rifles perfectly. This wasn’t a deal-breaker but something I should mention. Another little inconvenience was the slight tendency for the front adjuster to slide down slightly after a few shots, but it seemed to be related to the plastic construction rather than any major structural issue.

Overall, I’m impressed with the Caldwell Matrix Shooting Rest, and I’d highly recommend it to fellow shooters who want a reliable, versatile, and user-friendly shooting rest.

Caldwell Shooting Supplies: Stable Table Carry Bag for Portable Convenience


Taking my Caldwell Stable Table Carry Bag to the range was a total breeze. Its heavy-duty construction made it easy to wrangle even the chunkiest table pieces, like the hub, which needed its own inner bag for protection. The full wrap-around shoulder straps made it comfortable and convenient to carry all the components, ensuring that everything stayed in place during transportation.

I really loved how the zipper closure tightened up and kept everything secure in the bag; it felt like a true shield for my shooting equipment. However, one thing I noticed was that the straps could have been slightly longer — I would have appreciated if they went over the shoulders a little.

Overall, the Caldwell Stable Table Carry Bag is a game-changer for anyone who has the table. It’s a rock-solid addition to the table itself, and I’ve got no qualms with it making my range sessions even more enjoyable!

Electronic Hearing Protection for Shooters: Caldwell E-Max Earmuffs


I recently had the chance to try out the Caldwell E-Max Electronic Earmuffs and I must say, they certainly exceeded my expectations! The soft padded headband offered utmost comfort, making them a pleasure to wear for extended periods. The battery-operated earmuffs worked efficiently with two AAA batteries, providing me with ample sound isolation without compromising on ambient noise.

One of my favorite features of these earmuffs was their ability to differentiate between normal conversation and loud noises up to 85 decibels. This came in handy when I was out in the field, enabling me to hear my team and range commands while effectively blocking out any excessive background noise. However, I was somewhat disappointed to find that once the noise level exceeded 85 decibels, the earmuffs automatically shut off, which meant I had to take them off during gunshots or other loud activities.

The earmuffs were also equipped with two stereo microphones, allowing me to localize the source of any sound. This resulted in a more immersive experience and helped me become more aware of my surroundings. However, I did notice a bit of static in one of the earmuffs, which caused some discomfort over time. Although this was not a major issue, it was something worth mentioning.

In conclusion, the Caldwell E-Max Electronic Earmuffs have proven to be an effective and comfortable solution for my noise sensitivity needs. Despite a few minor drawbacks, I would still highly recommend them to anyone looking for reliable hearing protection on the go.

Caldwell E-Max Low Profile Electronic Hearing Protection for Action Shooters


Caldwell’s low-profile E-Max hearing protection has become an essential part of my shooting experience. The combination of great circuitry and a low-profile earcup makes them perfect for shotgun and action shooters alike. I’ve noticed that the microphones instantly amplify sounds below 85 decibels, which includes normal communication and range commands, while shutting off above 85 decibels to protect my hearing. This feature has been especially helpful when I’m using the earmuffs in a noisy environment.

The two microphones, one in each cup, give me true stereo sound and help me identify the directional source of a sound. I appreciate that the earmuffs include an integrated audio input jack, allowing me to play music while wearing them. The padded, adjustable headband and volume control knob ensure a comfortable fit and easy control over the earmuff’s volume.

The product’s power indicator light and Mossy Oak Break-Up finish on the earcups add to its overall appeal. The e-Max hearing protection offers a 23NRR and runs on 2 AAA batteries (not included). I am particularly fond of the compact earcup design and its ability to fold for easy storage.

However, there is one area where the earmuffs could be improved. I’ve noticed that the foam padding over the microphone tends to fall off occasionally, which can be a bit frustrating. But overall, I’m very satisfied with the earmuffs’ performance and would definitely recommend them to fellow shooters and outdoor enthusiasts looking for quality hearing protection.

Caldwell E-Max Lo Pro Electronic Muff with Shooting Glasses: Advanced Noise Reduction for Improved Hearing Protection


When I took the Caldwell E-Max Lo Pro Electronic Muff with Shooting Glasses out for a spin at the shooting range, I have to say, I was impressed. The adjustable nose piece on the glasses made it easy to get a comfortable fit, and the muff’s ability to block out sounds above 85 dB really helped me focus on the commands and conversations around me.

One thing I really appreciated was the integrated audio-input jack, which allowed me to play some tunes while I shot. The shooting glasses, while not the most durable, provided enough protection for my eyes. If there’s any downside, it would have to be the sensitivity of the muff, which may not be the best quality compared to some other options on the market.

Overall, the Caldwell E-Max Lo Pro Electronic Muff with Shooting Glasses is a great choice for anyone looking for high-quality, comfortable hearing protection while they enjoy their time at the range. Just remember to keep those batteries handy!

Caldwell Hunting Blind Bag — Comfortable and Durable Rifle Rest solution


When I started using the Caldwell Blind Bag, I was immediately struck by its versatility. It sets up on any narrow surface, from deer and turkey stands to tree limbs and fence posts. The dark green color blends seamlessly with natural surroundings, making it an unobtrusive yet effective hunting aid.

One of the things I appreciated most about the Caldwell Blind Bag was its narrow contour. It matches most sporter weight stocks perfectly, ensuring a comfortable and stable fit. Despite its slim profile, it’s surprisingly lightweight and easy to fill, without any sagging over time.

However, there were a few downsides to this product. The instructions could have been clearer, and the customer service could have been more responsive at times. Additionally, the bag’s straps seemed to be a bit short, which made it difficult to secure in some hunting situations.

Despite these minor drawbacks, I found the Caldwell Blind Bag to be an overall excellent product for hunters. It provides a solid, stable rest for accurate shooting in various hunting scenarios, and its sleek design allows it to blend effortlessly with its surroundings. If you’re looking for a reliable and versatile shooting bag, the Caldwell Blind Bag is worth considering.

Caldwell’s Compact & Durable Steel Target Stand with XL Strap Hanger


As a reviewer, I’ve had the opportunity to put this Caldwell Steel Target Stand with XL Strap Plate Hanger to the test in my daily target practice sessions. The low-profile design truly sets it apart, allowing for uninterrupted cheek weld that is simply a game-changer. Plus, its compact folding design makes transportation between the range and home a breeze.

However, one downside that I encountered was the noise it made during firing. Despite its 24dB NRR (for low-profile and youth versions) and 30dB NRR (for full-sized versions), the sounds were still quite loud. Overall, I’d say this target stand is a solid investment for those seeking a durable and easy-to-transport option, but be prepared for some noise.

Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to the buyer’s guide for Caldwell Shooting Supplies! This comprehensive guide aims to provide you with essential information about Caldwell shooting products, helping you make an informed decision when selecting the perfect gear for your shooting needs. Our goal is to cover important features, considerations, and general advice about Caldwell Shooting Supplies to ensure you have a seamless shopping experience.


Key Features of Caldwell Shooting Supplies

Caldwell Shooting Supplies offer a wide range of products that cater to different shooting needs. They are known for their durability, high-quality materials, and innovative design. Some key features of Caldwell Shooting Supplies include:

  1. Customizable products to suit individual preferences;
  2. Versatile products suitable for various shooting disciplines, such as archery, rifle shooting, and shotgun shooting;
  3. Precise target systems for accurate shots; and 4. A diverse product lineup to meet various shooting requirements.

Things to Consider When Buying Caldwell Shooting Supplies

When purchasing Caldwell Shooting Supplies, it’s crucial to consider several factors to ensure you’re selecting the right product for your needs. These factors include:

  1. Your budget, as Caldwell Shooting Supplies offer a wide range of price points to accommodate different budgets;
  2. The shooting discipline, ensuring the product is tailored to your particular shooting needs;
  3. Portability, considering whether the product is easy to carry and set up when you’re on the go; and 4. Quality, as Caldwell Shooting Supplies are known for their durability and high-quality materials.

General Advice for Shopping Caldwell Shooting Supplies

When shopping for Caldwell Shooting Supplies, there are several tips that can help you make the most of your shopping experience. These tips include:

  1. Researching the product range thoroughly to ensure you understand the features and capabilities of the available products;
  2. Reading customer reviews and ratings to determine the performance and value of the product;
  3. Consulting with knowledgeable sales associates or experts to gather information about the products and brands; and 4. Taking advantage of any promotions or discounts offered by Caldwell Shooting Supplies or online sellers. By following these tips, you can ensure that you’re getting the best value for your money while meeting your shooting needs.

Caldwell Shooting Supplies offer a diverse range of high-quality products that cater to various shooting disciplines and requirements. By understanding the key features, factors to consider, and general advice for shopping Caldwell Shooting Supplies, you can make an informed decision and enjoy a seamless shopping experience. Happy shooting!



What are Caldwell Shooting Supplies?

Caldwell Shooting Supplies is a leading brand in the shooting sports industry. They offer a wide range of products designed to enhance the shooting experience, including shooting benches, range bags, scope covers, and accessories. Their products are known for their quality, durability, and functionality.

Caldwell is committed to providing shooters with the best gear and is constantly innovating to develop new and improved products. Their dedication to the shooting sports community has made them a trusted name in the industry, and their products are widely regarded as some of the best available on the market.

What types of shooting supplies does Caldwell offer?

Caldwell offers a diverse range of shooting supplies. They have a variety of shooting benches, such as the Lead Sled, that provide stability and accuracy by absorbing recoil and reducing vibrations. Their popular Quick Shot Range Bag can hold multiple shooting accessories and is quick and easy to set up and take down.

Caldwell also provides scope covers and shooting accessories like the Front Sight Post Caps. These products help protect and maintain your shooting gear, ensuring optimal performance. With their extensive product line, Caldwell has everything a shooter could need to enhance their shooting experience.


How long does it usually take for Caldwell products to be delivered?

Caldwell Shooting Supplies offers a variety of shipping options to meet the needs of their customers. The delivery time for their products typically ranges from 3 to 5 business days for ground shipping. However, the shipping time may vary depending on your location and the availability of certain products.

For expedited shipping, Caldwell offers an express delivery option with a delivery time of 1–2 business days for an additional fee. They also offer international shipping, but the delivery time for international orders may take longer due to customs clearance and shipping times. Caldwell strives to provide fast and reliable shipping to ensure their customers receive their products in a timely manner.

Are Caldwell Shooting Supplies products easy to assemble?

Caldwell Shooting Supplies designs their products to be user-friendly and easy to assemble. Their products typically come with detailed instructions, and many of them require minimal assembly. Most of the products are designed to be set up and taken down quickly, making them suitable for shooters who are constantly on the go.

For shooters who are not comfortable assembling products themselves, Caldwell offers professional assembly services for a fee. This service is particularly useful for larger and more complex items like shooting benches and range bags. Caldwell is committed to providing shooters with the best products and services to meet their individual needs.


What is the warranty period for Caldwell Shooting Supplies products?

Caldwell Shooting Supplies stands behind the quality of their products and offers a warranty to ensure customer satisfaction. The warranty period for Caldwell products varies depending on the item and the specific manufacturer’s warranty. In general, the warranty period for Caldwell products is 1–3 years from the date of purchase.

If you experience any issues with a Caldwell Shooting Supplies product during the warranty period, Caldwell offers customer support to help resolve the issue. They will work with you to identify the problem and provide a solution, including repairs, replacements, or refunds, as appropriate. Caldwell’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident through their warranty and support services.

How can I purchase Caldwell Shooting Supplies products?

Caldwell Shooting Supplies products are available for purchase online through their official website, as well as through various authorized retailers. Their website offers a comprehensive selection of products, and customers can easily browse their offerings, read product specifications, and place orders online. The website also provides information about shipping options, payment methods, and returns.

Alternatively, customers can visit an authorized dealer to purchase Caldwell products in person. Retailers often carry a wide range of Caldwell products, making it convenient for customers to try out different products and find the one that best suits their needs. Caldwell Shooting Supplies ensures that their products are available through a network of authorized dealers to provide shooters with access to their high-quality gear.